It has not been easy. For the past few years economic depression has featured the day to day lives of people worldwide. There is a particular age group that has seen their chances reduced to scraps and have witnessed how their dreams were shattered in the face of difficult contexts. Youngsters are the clear victims of this worrying situation. The lack of good opportunities is stalling their search for a decent future.

This is an issue that, unfortunately, affects young people on a global scale. It results in little or no vision for a better life because of the mentioned lack of conveniences. If one takes a closer look, Sacueni does not have it simple either. At the moment, there are little to none opportunities for young people in the city. It seems as if Sacueni was stuck in time and remains oblivious to the change and development that takes place in the world. That only adds more and more negative inputs to the lives of young Sacuenians who would wish to settle down in the town while improving their livelihoods.

Through various testimonials gathered during the past weeks in Sacueni, a general feeling could be detected: resignation. The city cannot permit such a despondent youth collective. Furthermore, the surveys showed a dissatisfaction with the current state of the education system. The transition from the education stage to the labour market remains a conundrum for teenagers here. Education is key. According to the United Nation Population Fund, investing in young people’s human capital through education drives towards an increase of the per capita GDP. It also contributes to increased labour productivity, heightened potential for technological creation and results in social outcomes that ultimately benefit the whole of society.

A rethinking of the education system needs to go hand in hand with a complete set of policies explicitly directed at matching educational outcomes with the requirements of the already complicated realities of the labour market. The challenge is enormous, nonetheless it is worth it, to give adolescents the tools they need to grow. Building youth-centric initiatives such as framing a strong Alumni community in the local High School, setting monthly meetings between youngsters and local administration, boosting certain sectors, like the touristic, to provide new and quality jobs or opening up sports clubs for juniors, will make an immediate difference in the lives of these people. Sacueni can do nothing for young people without young people. The deficiency of chances is pushing Sacueni’s best towards migration.

All the young talents see how, despite their willingness to stay and be productive in Sacueni, chose to move to other cities or countries to aspire to a more ambitious life. Migration has become a good fall-back option for the future. This should raise some eyebrows among authorities. The consequences of flight of talents really cripple the town’s advancement. It is reason enough to give youth the voice they deserve. Creating good opportunities, achieving sustainability and inclusive growth will bring a future of work and societal cohesion. More attention should be put in youngster’s needs. Young people continue to experience the damaging consequences of constant unemployment and the lack of acceptable job opportunities.

It is of utmost importance that youth build their own future and become responsible for their lives, and that cannot be done without the help and support of the local community or without having at their disposal adequate basics to achieve their goals. Sacueni’s administration has to tackle the defeatism that revolves around youngsters and give them the opportunities that they deserve. Youth is the best resource the town has, from here the importance of providing them favourable circumstances. Youngsters are the future of Sacueni, youth is the hope of this city.