Bringing people together and sharing culture. That has been the utmost goal of the first event organized by the European Solidarity Corps Volunteers staying in Sacueni, which took place on October 3rd. Under the title “Express yourself: Embracing Spanish Culture”, the participants learned about the maximum exponents of Spanish and Catalan painting, sculpture, literature and architecture, drawing a general idea of what the Iberic country has to offer in terms of art.

Furthermore, they took part in the various activities designed to express themselves in a variety of ways. Community involvement and culture are the key elements of, not just the already mentioned event, but the remaining ones that have been planned to be set during the upcoming weeks. Understanding that from cultural exchange the local community can thrive is as relevant as any other happening.

Celebrating the richness of local and foreign culture will always deliver an added value to society. The involvement of children in this type of activities is crucial for their development, not just in terms of artistic advancement but also to get engaged in the community they live in. Children are the soul of any town, city or village, and Sacueni is not an exception. Give them the chance to experiment and make their imagination fly, give them the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and make them be curious about artistic movements by enrolling them to events.

Art is a key element of every culture and culture is essential for every community. One might not realise the impact of art in society. Art has the power to shape opinions, establish core values and make experiences transcend time and space. Consider art as a way of communication. Human beings have used art as a way to express their ordeals since prehistory. Art builds bridges between cultures. In Sacueni streets have been decorated by volunteers to evidence the ties built during the stay of ESC participants. These initiatives should be recurrent in a town that, unfortunately, lacks cultural venues and activities. However, for activities and events to be successful there is a must: community engagement.

This is not always a given. Each of us, as citizens, should act upon our responsibility to become active members of the community, which not only will make us feel more recognised and present in the day to day of our town, but will also help our representatives carry out their job by making your voices heard. Community engagement is crucial on a political level too, take advantage of it. Involvement will also provide opportunities for further participation, skill development in many spheres and even foster economic and environmental developments.

Get involved with the community, give back to Sacueni what it is giving you on a daily basis, be ambitious and make it the town it can be by promoting art and culture. Celebrate all forms of art out there and participate, above all PARTICIPATE. The Theatre is a good place to start, the investment made to reform the building is already an indicator of the importance that culture should have. The Museum is another venue that could be used on a weekly basis to hold events for everyone.

Do your duty and give life to your community and what it stands for. Sacueni deserves a happy, healthy and thriving community. It is time to make an effort to contribute, get involved, prove and engage with your fellow townspeople. Do not wait for things to happen, take the reins, take a stand and make Sacueni the most welcoming and proactive town possible by embracing culture as the motor of the community.