When you talk to someone about their profession and you see that their eyes are constantly shining, you can confirm that their passion and devotion towards what they do is absolute. This is precisely the case of Andrea Toth, the House Leader of Child Jesus Home orphanage in Sacueni. For almost a couple of hours, she shared her experiences, worries, thoughts, reflections and, basically, the in and outs of her job.

Hospitality was one of the first impressions that could be perceived instantly after meeting her. Andrea talked about the journey that brought her to Sacueni and how she has chosen to willingly give up most of her private life to dedicate her time to helping children in need. It is not easy to renounce certain commodities, such as free weekends or the chance to sit down one afternoon with a cup of coffee and watch your favourite tv show without being disturbed. Nonetheless, she has been doing precisely that for the last few years. Admiration towards her immediately rushed in.

To see someone as involved, determined and selfless as her is complicated, to say the least. While conversation was taking place, a common denominator could be found in all her responses: the need for a solid education for children. She settled that education has been and will always be the first and foremost priority for the children in the orphanage. From very early ages kids are taught not to judge the appearance of others, to embrace diversity, to form a brotherhood and create a sense of family between their peers, the importance of affective communication and to express themselves in various ways to foster their emotional, physical and personal development.

Another issue that was recurrent in the discussion was christianity and the emphasis on christian values. Belonging to a Catholic organization, this is logic. However, seeing that, indeed, christian values form the day to day of the children in the orphanage is heart-warming and reassuring. If you are asking yourselves what christian values are, in a very short and simple way, they stand for serving others, being thankful, build endurance through thick and thin, count on creativity as a source of happiness, rely on justice and stand by it, humility and the importance to of showing compassion towards those in need, hoping and working to get a better tomorrow and, overall, creating an environment of peace.

The role of the Head Housekeeper is to accompany children throughout their upbringing and impregnate them with the values mentioned above. Despite the difficulty of the task, Andrea is determined to plant the seed of christian values on each and every child, so they can grow up to be good people regardless of the endless hardships they have suffered in their early years of existence. Furthermore, prolonging the support children receive even after the boys and girls leave the direct protection of the Children’s House, is one of Andrea’s main missions. The bond that is developed between kid and House Leader is almost unbreakable, the credit goes directly to Andrea. The undertaking is not easy. The logistics of the orphanage lack infrastructure, there is a constant need for financial donations, as well as clothes or food. Partnerships should be knitted to support such an institution that works, not just for the wellbeing of children, but for the community as a whole. The call for commitment from fellow citizens to devote a few hours volunteering in the children’s house will always be there. One should take the example of the mayor and the Town Hall, which show complete and utter support backing the orphanage. Family, involvement, pledge and commitment, promise and community service.

It is enlightening to see that Sacueni has a person whose soul shines over so many, too many, kids in need. Hopefully one day there will not be a need for Children Houses in the world. Children deserve the opportunity to live a life in the best conditions possible. They are the future of our society, thus the demand to hold up their upbringing structures. The importance of helping others is what has moved Andrea Toth to come to Sacueni and devote her existence to one of the most vulnerable social groups: children. Take a page out of her book and embrace solidarity, it is free.