After a few weeks back home for the Christmas holidays I am back in the small city of Sacueni. When I got here I met my two new house mates, la Alba and la Andrea. We live together in the apartment, so we have been able to know each other well in a short time.

Workwise it has been a bit of a hectic few weeks. After some time thinking about the project, together with my supervisor, we have redefined the focus of the films. So it has been mostly research and lecture this weeks. I’ve also been working on editing my first film, you will be able to see it very soon.

And last but not least, last weekend I was at the Hungarian culture’s day charity ball. It was very good fun and I danced a lot. Really really good night out.

The next few weeks are looking good I am stocked on publishing my first video. Until then: SZIASZTOK!