The young participants of the program presented the small extension booklet they prepared together about the old crafts of the micro-region in Săcueni, during the Erasmus + youth exchange organized by the Erhangja Association.

The topic of the program of the week was the revival of the old crafts and their transformation into a possible source of income. Thus, in addition to the activities related to the old trades, the potential entrepreneurs of the future have also taken a look at the marketing world in practical form, through a game.

At the end of the day the participants prepared in groups, through a brainstorming. Some marketing methods about the products of the known craft, which was discovered on that day. As a result of these activities at the end of the day they had three small texts: one about the life of the craftsman practicing the respective profession, one about the process of preparation and production, and one about the possible methods of transforming the respective craft into a source of income. From these texts and from the photographs taken during the days an operating group of 3-4 young people prepared the booklet. Most of the people involved in this project never had the chance to appear in a brochure or any foreign language publication – this is an aspect that helps the town’s tourism where the almost forgotten craftsmen, have something at hand when it’s time to present their profession in English.

The booklet was presented on the last day of the project, organized by theyouths and the association, in the Museum of Sacueni. The presentation event was open to everyone. The participants in addition to the booklet also received a sticker disc made out of wood on which the flags of the countries participating in the project were engraved. Thanks to the lithuanian and greek groups, the  people participated in a show full of music and joy. The leader of the Ér Hangja Association, Aszalós Timea was delighted that nearly 30 participants in a week turned into a family. Then Mayor of the town Beres Csaba emphasized the work carried out by the local association for participants. They are the only ones dealing with the international programs in the micro-region. After presenting the brochure, the participants evaluated and successfully completed the week. Then they planned for the future, and everyone returned home on Monday.