The history of homemade pasta goes back far into the past but it is rare that people still produce pasta at home. Fortunately, in Sacueni and around it, this tradition is still alive. Although homemade pasta consists of only four ingredients (flour, eggs, salt and some water), it takes a lot of time to make it as you have to be precise to produce nice and delicious pasta. If you use this easy recipe, you got the basics which can be transformed into different forms such as squares or snails.

An advantage of making homemade pasta is that you can make a great amount of it at once which can be stored and used for a long time. Eating homemade pasta is not just more delicious than those that are sold in shops, but it is healthier as well since you choose the ingredients yourself, which can also be homemade.                 

The Pasta Lady

Personal life of Ildiko Braun

Ildiko Braun is a 43 year old woman, mother of 2 , winemaker , who makes pasta for her family . She doesn’t like to buy food from the supermarket so she makes it herself, as she does with clothes and other stuff too. As she was growing up she learnt the craft from her family. She makes pasta in the winter and stores it for later because in the summer she doesn’t have enough time. Apart from making pasta Ildiko is a community leader as she organizes workshops and helps children to learn her craft.                                                     


How to increase your income if you are a pasta maker?

  • Consider making it a business, use a brand name that excludes from competitors with whom you couldn’t compete in price, but the product itself might be attractive to a consumer.
  • Use unique recipes that can be presented in workshops and online advertisement.
  • Participate in local seasonal fairs or Sunday markets. These opportunities can help you kick start the business.
  • Make dishes with the pasta and present them to local shops, offices or large gatherings like weddings.
  • Promote your product in local shops and restaurants. Consider investing to advertise your product on the menus of famous restaurants.