Although wood carving is a traditional craft, nowadays it is not so popular and there are only few people who learn this profession. One reason for that may be the fact that it requires a great amount of practice and patience. However, during the recent years, this craft has changed a lot due to the technical advancements. It is true that machines have made it easier to carve wood but in this way, products are not unique and they do not have any emotional references.

Wood carvers can work with any kind of wood until it is dry enough, but of course it is easier to use soft wood instead of hard one. When it comes to wood carving, keep it mind that handmade wood products can be your partners during your whole life and you can grow old together with them as they can be used for 50-60 years.

The wood Guru

Personal life of Ferencz Szabó


Ferencz Szabo is a 63 year old wood-carver form Sacueni, Bihor. He started working as a locksmith, metalworker and repairman using metal tools. Afterwards he started working as a professional photographer for 20 years. While he was a photographer, he was visiting houses being invited to take photos on family events like Christmas. Being there sometimes he noticed beautiful furniture, at other occasions he was invited to shot furniture that needed repair. This is how he got inspired to become a wood carver. Being a nature lover this is one of his favorite topics in wood-carving too.

He started crafting products for hunters and wineries, both practical things and decorations, like wooden bases for hunted trophies. Each piece of art he makes is unique.     

He is still in contact with photographing, but now he shots his products using social media to promote his work. He doesn’t use new technologies for making his art works; he makes a stand for manufacturing. Through his craft he fights against mass-production. At first his craft was not profitable due to the amount of time needed and the lack of appreciation. In the long term though it bettered, he started making profit. Willing to pass it on to the next generation, he would never quit his craft.

How to increase your income if you are a wood-carver?

  • Consider to remake the products which sell fast and are demanded by consumers.
  • Educate young people about wood carving craft and raise awareness about the worth of hand made products.
  • To promote the craft, open workshops where people can try it for themselves and familiarize them with your work.
  • Collaborate with other craftsman to possibly work together and make products even more expensive, raise their market value.