Honey making is a traditional craft and its history goes back to the ancient times. Since then, it has become popular in Sacueni, and throughout this area, and it is still very common among the local people. Although the majority of the job is done by the bees, being a honey maker is a highly important profession with full of responsibility in order to keep the families alive and
ensure them the best circumstances to work.

A sign of the significance of this profession is the fact that people have to get a certification before they start dealing with it. 

After the bees collect the pollen and produce the honey itself, the professional honey makers make it edible. Since honey was the food of the bees during winter, they also have to provide them something else to eat so they give them sugared water. Finally, everyone should keep in mind to respect bees as they produce something that never expires.

The local beekeeper
Personal life of Imre Barta

Imre Barta is a 25 year old beekeeper who lives in Sacueni, Bihor. He is currently doing several jobs. Apart from being beekeeper he is also a teacher, he is a cameraman for the Erhangja association and he is growing peach trees. Considering beekeeping, he has been practicing it for 5 years. He learnt his craft from the oldest beekeeper in town. In his family there were no beekeepers, except one relative who had been practicing beekeeping for 60 years and he inspired Imre. He had to mature as a beekeeper while he learnt from the elder craftsman in order to find his own technique, while he did that he learnt some very useful tricks too. In the beginning it was not a profitable profession, but throughout the years it became profitable as he started to love more his bee families. 

There is one more person in the city who works in this domain, he is one year younger than him and he is doing this very well. Most people though consider beekeeping to be a hobby. When he began, there was not much government funding, so he didn’t apply for it and now that his business is going better, he doesn’t want to apply for a program, even though there are such opportunities. When we asked him about his free time, he said that he doesn’t have any. However, he assured us that he would never give up his craft because he loves it so much.

How to increase your income if you are a beekeeper?

  • The beekeepers would have to apply for a European Union funding to save money on beekeeping supplies.
  • Craftsman would have to increase the number of bee hives to compete with larger farms.
  • Attracting younger people to help with increased number of bee hives would help to expand your business and give knowledge to next generations.
  • Many agricultural producers out there will pay bee keepers to temporarily relocate their hives to their farms to provide pollination services. Craftsman would gain a lot of profit from similar possibilities.
  • Also, creating your own unique label would increase the worth of your product. That would attract new customers and allow you to raise the price.