The Erasmus + program in Sacueni, at the youth center of the Reformed Church, began.

The young locals had breakfast with Slovak and Hungarian guests. After that, through games, each participant had to remember the others names, at the same time we learned a lot about organizations. After lunch spent together, we continued to get to know each other with some games, this part was the highlight of the day. The socialization was followed by a tour of the city, which had to be done on the basis of creative tasks, through exploration exercises finding interesting points of the city. This activity was also useful for get acquaintedand making friends.

The hospitality of the locals manifested also by opening a wine cellar. The wonderful owner of the cellar offered regional wine to the “explorers”. This fact was mentioned throughout the evening by the participants as a very positive experience. Some of them went on a bike tour and returned to the accommodation with lots of funny memories but they were also a little tired. After a little rest, as an introduction to the multicultural evening we took part in a common meal where stuffed cabbages were served. In the cultural evening, national delicacies and drinks were presented. The evening continued in a friendly atmosphere, and the day did not end there.