Szia mindenkinek!

My name is Andrea and I am a 22 year old graduate in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland). Even though I consider myself a citizen of the world, I hold dearly close to my heart the picturesque and enchanting island of Gran Canaria where I was born and raised. 

It was a few years ago when I decided that it was time to spread my wings and start fulfilling and accomplishing the ambitions and high goals that I had set up for myself. Nowadays I consider myself a nomad who loves travelling and experiencing new cultures 🌍, as well as a nature and animal lover 🌷🐝, passionate cinephile📽 yoga learner👣, feminism advocate👫 and hobby writer!✍🏼 

As for the latest one, ever since I was a little girl I have been inclined toward producing creative pieces of writing. This is not only the easiest way for me to express myself, but I have also recently come to acknowledge that writing can be a very powerful tool for change and awareness raising. At the risk of sounding too cheesy, I am always looking for new ways to have a positive impact on society. This is why I decided to study political sciences, and why I am so happy to volunteer as a journalist and cultural event organiser for an association which embodies all of the principles I stand for. 

Despite having travelled to a multitude of Northern and Southern European countries, this is the first time I set foot in Eastern Europe. Since I have only been 4 days in Săcueni, I have only been able to visit a few sightseeings and meet some lovely people from the association. The real work starts next week! I hope that by the end of this volunteering I am able to say I helped in the development and cultural preservation of this little town which has so much potential. 

Viszontlátásra! 🤗