I was happy to do my first event on Wednesday, just before the kids were going to go on a holiday for a few days. I had been organizing the event for a few weeks and was very keen to finally meet the fifth graders and tell them about the crafts of their town that I had been learning about. To start, I decided to play a game with them. I thought that by catching their attention it would be easier to reach them. So, the game consisted of asking for eight volunteers and blind sighting them, to make them feel different materials and guess what these were. I joint tables at the front of the class and put some wool, a wooden spoon, thread, honey, two cracked eggs, flour, soap and pasta on top. When I asked for volunteers, I was happy to see they all reacted with enthusiasm and I didn´t have to pick them, they came immediately and I found them lining up to be bandaged. I laughed in delight and continued as planned.

I must say that, even though I counted with committed and active kids and, on my part, patience and energy, the endeavor of speaking with them was quite hard. The help of Noemi interpreting eased the process (thank you!), but still, it felt as an obstacle to fully reach them (ps. friendly reminder to myself- learn hungarian!) So there we were, playing ´the sensing game` (the original name I gave it) icebreaker and having a laugh together. The purpose was for them to relate each material to the craft, but the clever kids guessed every single one easily (lol). To continue, I told them a bit about the craft and showed them some pictures I had stuck to the posters. The event ended when the bell rung, and they decided they were saved by the bell. Overall, I was happy to keep them interested during the time together. I also announced the fact that the next event will be a craft, and they decided by majority they wanted pasta making 😛 So there goes my first event, I have learnt some tips for the next one and on the whole, so far so good!