We started the On Arrival Training on the 3rd of February and until the 9th we spent the week at the Ibis Hotel. In two words: multicultural booze. There were 40 volunteers from projects throughout all Romania. There were people from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, France, Georgia and even from Egypt! That gave us quite a broad vision of the extent to which people are keen to participate in initiatives concerning the development of a country, in this case being it Romania. We had a cultural evening where we could enjoy the most salient traditions from each of our places of origin.

The EVS was well thought out: the activities implied active participation, in many stances, and enthusiasm (sometimes induced by the energizers that the coordinators recurred to at the start of each session when we seemed more tired than normal). There were also informative speeches at many levels which encompassed broad domains, from a cognitive stratum to an interpersonal stand and besides, details regarding the EVS and Erasmus plus organization chart and working procedures. Additionally, we had a session of the cultural adaptation flow and stages and some informal talks on the Romanian culture, history, human rights and music. During these days we had time to learn, meet new people and enjoy all sorts of conversations while the sessions took place, session breaks and on a night out in Bucharest.