After the first event we did two weeks ago in the Liceul Tehnologic nr 1 Cadea, concerning the most practiced and popularized traditional crafts of Sacueni, this week we held an event on the craft that the kids had chosen to try out for themselves: Pasta making! Getting our hands dirty with flour and eggs was a very entertaining and pleasing experience (even if the pasta dough turns out to look like a yellowish dry modelling clay).

For the sake of St. Valentine’s day, we decided to give the pasta fancy and quite big heart shapes. The kids were committed to properly blending the ingredients and impersonating short-height Italian chefs. While waiting for the dough to rest, we did a pasta facts quizz to see how much of pasta makers we were. At the end, the workshop turned out to be more decorative than future eatable, but we were happy with that outcome and the big hearts we created with our yellowish dough. Another good news is that the class remained quite clean after the event, regardless of two or three scattered dough pieces I can say it was very successful 🙂