The last activity we organised was different to the previous ones so far. There were no traditional crafts, no business entrepreneurship ideas nor gastronomy-based themes involved. This time it consisted on a dancing oriented initiative we decided to do with the children. The chosen song was Asereje, the Spanish summer music boom from a bit more than a decade ago. It is indeed a timeless song which is a must-dance when played at a party or anywhere its emmited by the loudspeakers. The hips move to the beat marked by Las Ketchup, the three integrants of this hit. I met the children of Oláh Katalin’s class, one of the two class´teachers they have at the Petofi elementary school.

For the purpose of the dance, we needed some instruments that accompanied the dance. Conversely, it would be something like making a Cesar salad with no dressing –don´t try this at home-. Anyways, so we decided to make them for the fun of it. The instruments we chose are maracas, a famous instrument in many Latin American music genres. They usually have an egg shape and a handle so they can be shaked to make sound. They are easy to use, user friendly, colourful and vibrant instruments. We made them with used toliet paper rolls and rice on the inside for the noice, covering each end with cardboard and using tape to close it as hermetically as possible. See, our maracas are ecofriendly with recylced materials! We decorated them by drawing personalised designs in paper that we stuck around the grey rolls.

We practiced the dance various times and I must say they are little dancing machines. They looked eyes wide opened and followed the steps carefully, thrilled by Asereje´s contagious moves. This week we are practising again because last week I was off being a tourist in Budapest –btw, beautiful and highly recommendable-. The flashmob will take place on Friday taking advantage of these recent sun-kissed days that announce spring is here to hopefully stay.