So what is it to become the owner of your business? How can you start from scratch an idea and see it grow and flourish as in your best dreams? Let me tell you how I see it.. everything is possible in what respects to materialize an idea into a business. That is the thought which some high school students from the Látogatás a Petőfi-líceumban and I followed through last week.

After a presentation on the basic knowledge concerning the business models, we saw the different steps of how it would be to start a local business regarding some of the most remarkable crafts of the region (except for the alcoholic beverages such as wine and pálinka are for those over 18 years old). From a list consisting of pasta making, chocolate, soap and honey making, the students had to plan in groups of 5 how to run their business and what would be the approximate costs of the first production round.

I have to say that the presentations left me thinking and likewise made me laugh and enjoy some creative expressions. For instance, some sentences worth mentioning are¨With our profit we would built a Profi¨ or ¨Our honey is amézing, being méz honey in Hungarian¨. Besides, equally noteworthy was the amount of effort they put into designing the brands that would be the face to their business. It was a wakening activity to get to know them better and encourage them to participate in their local production from a more, let´s say, visionary perspective. The activity ended with some winners that we rewarded with a sweet-tooth treat. However, they all deserved recognition for their business founders´ skills.