My name is Jon, and I am a 22 year old volunteer from Madrid (Spain). I am a graduate in International Studies by the Autonomous University of Madrid and a self-taught photographer and videographer. I am very interested in media and communication in its various forms, I like to tell stories. In the past I have collaborated writing articles for important Spanish publications like CTXT, La Marea or El Salto Diario, and I have a bimonthly column in an online publication called Código Público

In relation to photography, I started doing it as a serious thing after a cathartic trip to Morocco. It was my first time travelling on my own, and I took a camera with me, and fell in love with photography. Since then I’ve been taking photos everywhere and I have published in different magazines and photobooks.

In relation to filmmaking, I am just starting. After some years focusing on photography, I started to feel a bit limited by the medium, so I decided to explore video. Since then I have made a few videos that I uploaded to YouTube, and I am whiling to keep learning and growing as a filmmaker.