For the last few week that is all I have been doing. In order to advance in the film project, I have been making interviews with a lot of people: adults, teenagers, people with two Hungarian parents, people with a Hungarian parent and a Romanian parent…

It has been very good. People have collaborated more than I thought they would. I have found out that, in general, people like to talk a lot and to be listened to. Most people have something interesting to say and they are willing to share it with me, which is great.

After these weeks and about ten interviews I am starting to find where the common ideas of Hungarian identity in Romania. Many people that I have interviewed share a simmilar view in many things, which is very interesting as most of these are things that I did not think beforehand.

I would love to be more specific but you will have to wait for the videos, sorry.

In the next few week I will interview more and more people, I will keep on gathering experiencies and stories so I can share them with you soon.