Last week I was in Bucharest. I got there at 8 in the morning, after a looooong fourteen hour train ride. I spent the day visiting the city, it was cold but really nice. After hours and hours of walking, and when it was starting to get dark I got to the hotel. It was very nice, in the university area and near a big supermarket where we could get anything we needed. I was in Bucharest for the compulsory On Arrival Training, that we have to do as volunteers in Romania. In the evening we had our first dinner toghether as a group. We started knowing the people who would be our team mates for the next few days. Portugal, Italy, Spain, Latvia, France, Turkey, Sweden, Croatia… People from all around the continent were there.

For the next few days we focused on teambuilding, cultural diversity, how to manage the anxiety of moving to a new country, etc… In my opinion it was a bit to childish but getting to know all those new people was great, now I have dozens of new friends and places to stay al around Romania and Europe aswell! I was a bit sad I did not have the oportunity of exploring a bit more the city but I am looking forward to go back again soon. All in all, the On Arrival Training was a positive experience, I am looking forward to see some of the friends I made there soon.