The youth exchange NEETs FOR CHILDREN IN NEED will take place between 20-26 April 2017 in Săcueni, Romania with 30 young people from Romania, Hungary, Greece, Portugal and Lithuania.

The main topic of the youth exchange will be the social-economical-educational inclusion of young generations which will be approached from two sides. On the one hand, the majority of participants directly involved in the project will be NEET (not in employment, education and training) youngsters willing to develop skills, competences that can enhance their chances to employment. On the other hand, we intend to decrease the risk of social exclusion of institutionalized children (orphans, semi-orphans) through various programs carried out by the participants of the youth exchange in the local orphanage.
During the youth exchange, the participants will get to know the functioning of social system, child protection of each country (how they help people in need like unemployed persons, people facing diverse difficulties). Starting from the third day, the participants will develop, plan, prepare and carry out activities with diverse topics and methodologies in the orphanage:

1. Two types of crafts workshops: straw plaiting and painting on different objects
2. Sport activities like tug of war, sack running, skipping rope
3. Upcycling workshop: creating different objects from recyclable waste
4. Knowing the EU: games aiming to get to know the members, official currency, languages, geography of the European Union
5. Knowing the nature: excursion around Săcueni during which the participants will carry out games aiming to get the children acquainted with natural sites, directions, environment protection

The participants will also offer help in physical activities around the house (preparing meals, repairing, painting and decorating, gardening, etc.). During these activities the youngsters will have the opportunity to carry out dialogs with the children. The need of these children is to get attention, appreciation, to feel beloved. These programs will help children in need to become more communicative, sociable, open, but also to acquire skills and aptitudes in connection with the fields addressed by the activities carried out by the participants.

The youth exchange will include inter-cultural activities too, like inter-cultural night and national cultural nights which aim to help the participants to familiarize with the participating countries and to accept cultural diversity.
During the project the participants will gain various skills by the “Do it yourself!” method, because they will have a lot of freedom in preparing and implementing the activities at the orphanage. The key competences developed by them will be continuously autoevaluated and registered in their Youthpass Certificates.

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The project is funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union.