The third day of the project seemed to be long and exciting.
The discussions started the day before about the habits and traditions related to meals now were turned into presentations. The cooking of the Hungarian goulash and the Slovak noodles with cottage cheese took lots of time but it was worth to wait as it can be seen on the pictures and videos made during the process.
In the afternoon, as a relaxation, the participants went to Olosig village to entrepreneurs whose persistence and ambitions are exemplary. The youth visited a horticulture of foil houses where the producers grow flowers and garden-stuff, trying to turn all of the foil houses into 100% bio production. The visitors might take tomatoes or peppers straight from the stems, and large plums from the trees, not to mention that before leaving they were invited to a table with home-made ham and bread. So the afternoon program prolonged towards the evening, but still, everybody was very curious about the Hungarian cultural night.