Szia mindenkinek!

Things keep rolling pretty good here in Săcueni. Last week I finally finished writing my second article which will be very soon online on the Ér Hangja Médiacsoport webpage. Highly recommend to read it if you are interested in listening to the experience of an elder woman from Săcueni who left through the Rumanian communist era. This was the first time I participated in an interview of such scale and, even though I was a little nervous for the outcome, listening to Marika Néni ended up being a heartwarming and extremely enriching life experience.

On the 30th of January I also had the pleasure to go for the first time to a Rumanian public school, specifically to the Liceul Tehnologic Nr.1 Cadea 🏫 My friend Alba and I designed a Spanish linguistic and cultural event for teenagers between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. This included a brief explanation of the overall Spanish culture and an interactive game that would help them learn simple dialogues and basic phrases 🗣. It was an amazing experience to see how curious, eager to learn and participative they all were throughout the process. 

A few days after, I had my first radio podcast recording ever. How exciting is that?! Even though they had previously told me that Csilla would ask me questions related to the EVS and some more personal information, I really did not know what to expect. It was a fun and unforgettable moment, but by the end of the session my perfectionist mindset came to live and I started to pinpoint all the things that I could have done better. If you want to listen to it visit International projects of Érhangja Association page in Facebook, and bear with me and my inexperience in this field 📻.

Also keep tune because a gastronomic event is coming very soon, together with a new post of my trip to Bucharest as part of the European Voluntary Service training! Such an amazing week with the most wonderful people 🧳.