Go to the playground of any school and I assure you that it is nothing compared to what it used to be. I remember that when I was an 11 year old girl, recess was the most sacred time of the day!🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ My friends and I could not wait to go into the playground and ask the teachers to let us borrow a ball, hula hoop, skipping rope… and sometime we needed nothing more than our imagination.

However, nowadays most kids fail to even recognise some of the games that we dearly remember as being part of our childhood. Luckily you can spot a few guys playing football, but the rest just sit around with their phones and chit-chat. When did recess time become so boring? 😱 This is why I decided it would be a good idea to show 5th graders some of the most memorable games played by Spanish children during recess at school and in their free time with friends. Games that have been played all over Spain for more than five decades! 🧒👩🧓

Believe it or not, a piece of chalk, an elastic and a skipping rope can turn out to be very entertaining pastimes. I am very happy to say that the games we played managed to catch the attention of most kids at the Liceul Teoretic Petőfi Sándor Elméleti and the Liceul Tehnologic, nr. 1 Cadea.😊 It was a memorable experience that I cannot wait to repeat this month of April with other classes (SPOILER❗️).

The fact that a lot of the kids did not know how to play any of these games has made me realise how important it is to keep traditions rolling so that they are not lost. ⏰ But above all, we should all be open-minded and respectful towards other cultures, approaching them with curiosity and excitement like all of these kids have done. 😍🤗

P.S.: With every new blogpost I upload, there will be a song to accompany it! 🎶 Because of this cool summery weather I cannot stop listening September Song by JP Cooper! Woop woop!🌊☀️