Szia mindenkinek!

I have never seen so much snow in all my life. Things here are very different to what I am used to, but little by little I am starting to appreciate the beauty of the everything that surrounds me. The idea of moving to a new place is always exciting, but we tend to forget about how challenging the adaptation process can be. It takes time to make yourself feel like at home! 🏡 

However, acclimatising to a new environment becomes somehow more bearable when the people that you interact with everyday reassure you that you are here for a good reason. I can say that Săcueni’s community has received all volunteers with open arms, and it has been a privilege getting to experience such an amazing and vibrant culture. Throughout these past three weeks I have had time to bond with my flatmates, go to my first ever wine tasting and karaoke night, interview a woman who lived thought Romania’s communist period, work on my articles, travel to Oradea, assist to the Săcuen’s annual charity ball…

Memories are already starting to be created, and it makes me so happy that I can be a part of them. I have discovered I do not like eating kidneys, and that my favourite place in Rumania so far is a little coffee shop with Cuban vibes situated on Str. Calea Republicii☕️. I might also have started to develop an interest in photography 📸 It took me three days to capture the exact moment I was looking for, but in the end it was all worth it when that feeling of accomplishment invaded me.

Remember to keep in tune with these blog posts and Ér Hangja Médiacsoport social media, because new linguisting and cultural events will be coming soon every months!

Viszontlátásra! 🥳


                    Alba, Jon, Orsi and me at the 11th edition of the Hungarian

culture’s day charity ball.