Most of you might already know about the so called gastronomic event that we celebrated two weeks ago at the museum 🍲🇪🇸. Even though I had planned a few events before, they were nothing compared to what happened this time. I have always enjoyed cooking and making food for myself but I am not a fan of putting my culinary skills to judgement. However, this event made me get out of my comfort zone by allowing at least 30 people to taste the food that I prepared together with Alba and Orsi. I would like to thank Májercsik Tünde for allowing us to use her kitchen facilities at the Szathmayer restaurant to cook the paella. It really would not have been the same without her help!

It is true that a few things could have been improved during the preparation process of the event, and we are all working hard to overcome these difficulties so that we improve the quality of the cultural events. Just be patient and bear with us in these uncertain times we are living 💪!

Seeing the amount of people that kept coming through the door of the museum made me feel extremely excited and grateful. It never crossed my mind that so many locals would be interested in coming over, but giving it a second thought, who does not like free food?

I need to confess that, for me, the highlight of the night occurred when my coordinator told me that the “Paspas arrugadas con mojo” was voted by many people the best dish of the night! I am still in shock and a bit overwhelmed, but very pleased to know that the effort and love I put into making this dish was recognised by our guests 😭😍.

Coming soon: sometime during the two upcoming weeks, I will be going to two of Săcueni’s schools. Cannot wait to see how kids react to a special surprise I have prepared for them! Keep tuned for further updates through the Ér Hagja facebook page!

P.S.: Happy belated International Women’s Day!!! 😊🌷💐❤️🧡💚