On Wednesday we had a morning to reflect on the changes that the town of Săcueni has lived to. We exhibited some photographs that were a combination of the buildings back in the rural times, even before communism or any other ideology molded the different sites.

Today Săcueni is a town that has the buildings and facilities that are found in an archetypal town. It has the major’s house, the public library building, the station, the police office, the museum and so on. The repertoire of photographs included Săcueni’s main sites and contrasted past & present views of the same spots. The evolution these have experienced is evident for the spectator and so realized the three classes of students (two 10th graders and one 5th graders’ class) from Liceu Petofi, leaded by Ingrid Egeresi. After looking, contrasting and comparing we commented on a superficial level and ended with a game to see if we could identify the places. The context was the following: a hurricane had blended past and present. The photograph was completely distorted to become a seeming abstract creation of combined colors. However, I must say that for the next game the challenge will increase, given their ability to recognize and link each present place to its past… Săcueni is safe and things are back in its place.