On Monday 13th Jon and I went to the 9th graders class to teach them about Spain. We wanted to share with them some basics about our country, like where we are in the European map, how far away it is from Romania and what we Spaniards are like. 
The professor, Levente kindly facilitated the biology room so that we could project the photographic presentation we had made. 
The children were very respectful and we could feel that they were keen to get to know us a bit more, which was nice.
Besides, we counted with the help of Zsombi and Orsi, who translated our speech and helped with the linguistic boundary that is always a turn off when connecting fully with the audience. However, it was a pleasant time where we could share our culture and feel the eagerness to learn and discover that these younger students radiated. 
We aim to continue touring with our culture presentations and events! Don’t lose track 🙂