Participation: The project involved 478 citizens, notably 2 participants from the city of Écaussinnes (Belgium),
55 participants from the city of Moča (Slovakia), 24 participants from the city of Gyermely (Hungary), 52 participants from the city of Nyíradony (Hungary), 50 participants from the city of Kotlina (Croatia) and 295 participants from the city of Săcueni (Romania).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Săcueni, Romania, from 16/06.2017 to 18/06/2017

Short description:
The main purpose of the town twinning event was multiple: 1. to get acquainted the participating delegations and the public with the benefits and challenges of the European Union, 2. sharing the folkloric and artistic values of the participating localities and 3. promoting the fundamental principles of the EU like tolerance, active citizenship, donating.
The day of 16/08/2017 was dedicated to the past moments of the European Union. Each participating locality presented the economic, cultural and social effects of the adherence to the EU on their community. The involved localities had not met in this form before, therefore this town – twinning meeting offered a great opportunity to them to get acquainted with each other’s communities and features and to initiate future cooperation. Dr. Kresz Tünde Tímea held a presentation about the milestones, respectively the bigger events, achievements and problems of the European Union. The mayor of Săcueni, Béres Csaba, spoke about the situation of Roma communities and minorities in the EU. The issue of the refugee crisis was developed and presented by the amateur theater students of NagySzakSzínTár for the delegations of the settlements and the general public. The night ended with the presentation of folk dances characteristic for the involved communities.

On the day of 17/08/2017 Euroscepticism and Europhobia were tackled, Szabó Ödön historian and deputy told to the audience that the European Union is an alliance of values and sometimes the harmonization of these is quite difficult which amplify these phenomena. Winkler Gyula, Member of the European Parliament, spoke about the possible effects of the BREXIT, but not only. He also allocated time to present the beneficial effects of the EU on the life of youth (especially the mobilities offered by Erasmus Plus Program). During the day, the volunteers of the Ér Hangja Association made interviews with the members of the delegations, addressing the following question: “What the EU means to you?”. The day ended with a folk song night.

The day of 18/06/2017 focused on discussing the future of the European Union and on developing common initiatives.

Besides these, during the whole duration of the event a youth tent was operating in order to get children and youth acquainted with the characteristics and possibilities of the European Union. Moreover, the participating delegations exhibited in the local museum and opened for the general public an exposition composed of art works and products brought from their localities.

The project was funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, Stand 2 – Measure 2.1 “Town – Twinning”.