I had to organize the first “Spanish night”. We decided that we were going to make it abour flamenco. During the week I designed the poster, created the event on facebook and kept it alive.

When thinking about how to develop the night I had to take in consideration two things: firstly, I was not sure what to expect nor what people expected from me and the event, secondly, I am not a very good dancer.


Taking these two things into consideration I decided to prepare a presentation talking about flamenco, edited a few videos with different flamenco songs to show those who came what flamenco was, as I think that when talking about music it is easier to listen to the music itself than listening to someone talking about it.


After the presentation we showed a short and easy dance for those who wanted to shake their skeletons with flamenco rhythms. As I said, I am not a very good dancer, but we wanted to give people a glimpse of what dancing flamenco is.