Day 4 started in our lovely Sacueni finding us starting going to the train station where the team had to catch the train. Our destination was Oradea city. Arriving at the station we observed that there were a lot of Romani people waiting for the train as well ! Usually trains on Sunday are not full so there were only 2 cars so we voted to deal with that phenomenon!

After one adventurous and interesting trip we arrived to Oradea! Walking around the city gave us time to explore, catch photos and love the city!

One silly idea that Yiannis invented became the subject a bet with good purpose! Yiannis (in the morning) at Sacueni challenged himself in front of some participants telling that he can wear a bra  and walk around in the city for money in return! The bet turned into a fundraising in order to buy something for the children and offered it altogether with the participants!

The performance started after our launch at the dinner and it was something like that…

Yiannis accomplishing the bet

Our way back was more or less in a silent mode after a day trip and the team was refilling energy for the night because it was Greek cultural night!

Ladies & Gents…. the GREEKs!

The chefs of the GR team started to prepare one delicious pastitsio dish, Greek salad and Corinna, as a master in desserts, prepared it!

One of the highlights of the night was the tzatziki competition in which the national groups had to prepare their own  tzatziki dip without knowing the recipe, only by looking one photo of the specific food!

Ingredients served!

After that, our judges had blind taste and evaluated the 4 different efforts! Romania team won the competition but the funny point was when the Portuguese group took a revenge on the male judging members because of reminding them of the Euro 2004!

The night finished with some Greek songs sung live by Dimitris’ guitar and the rest Greek voices!

At the end of the end it was visible to everyone’s face and expressions the enjoyment and the happiness of that awesome Sunday day in total!